Fumed Silica For Water-based Coating | China

Project details

  • IndustryCoating
  • Application: Water-based Coating
  • Product Name: HL-200
  • Location: Hubei Province, China
  • Problem: There are 40% powder in this customer’s coating formula, there appears powder sedimentation and delamination when put in storage after 3 months, showing bad stability. They are trying fumed silica to achieve anti-settling performance.

Functions of HIFULL fumed silica in Water-based Coating

HIFULL fumed silica is used as anti-settling in water-based coatings. Many silica hydroxyl groups exist on the surface of fumed silica, which can form hydrogen bonds. This net structure helps to “hold” pigments or other fillers and prevent them from settling.

And the surface silicon hydroxyl group of fumed silica can form hydrogen bonding with the matrix, so to form an” interpenetrating network” between silica and the matrix, resulting in a good thickening performance, better viscosity of the coating, and great anti-settling performance.

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This customer’s coating is water-based product, need to add fumed silica for great performance in anti-settling and storage stability. As this factory uses using high-speed dispersion machine, which can not disperse fumed silica with high specific surface area easily, and bad dispersion will lead to particles on film layer, affecting gloss and beauty of the coating. Lower surface area products are easy to disperse, but the effect of thickening and anti-settling in the water-based coatings is not good enough.

so we suggest this customer our HL-200. HL-200 is a hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area of about 200 ㎡/g, it has moderate specific surface area.

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Client Feedback

This customer has tested HIFULL HL-200 and is satisfied with the result, now has bought for mass product already.

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