As an additive, Fumed silica enhances flow and prevents caking in granular fertilizers, ensuring smooth handling and distribution. In water-soluble fertilizers, when combined with thickeners, it suspends particles, preventing settling and ensuring uniform nutrient dispersion. This boosts fertilizer efficacy, leading to better crop yields.

Fumed silica’s anti-caking properties also maintain fertilizer quality and longevity by resisting moisture-induced clumping. Its environmentally friendly nature further amplifies its appeal in agriculture. In essence, fumed silica’s multifaceted advantages play a pivotal role in optimizing agricultural productivity, enhancing nutrient distribution, and promoting sustainable farming practices.

HIFULL® Fumed Silica(additive) in fertilizers

Fumed silica offers an array of benefits when incorporated into fertilizers. Its role encompasses enhancing flow, preventing caking, and aiding suspension, collectively improving fertilizer quality and effectiveness.

Flow Enhancement: Fumed silica counters the adverse effects of caking in fertilizers, maintaining their flow properties. This prevents processing and usage challenges, ultimately boosting overall production efficiency.

Anti-Caking: By absorbing moisture from the crystalline surface and surrounding air, fumed silica reduces environmental humidity. This curtails the propensity of micron-sized fertilizer particles to absorb moisture, dissolve, evaporate, and subsequently re-crystallize, thereby preventing clumping.

Suspension Aid: Fumed silica ensures the stability and uniformity of suspended particles, reducing uneven fertilization. This enhances plant uptake and nutrient absorption, consequently improving fertilizer efficiency.

The application effects of fumed silica in fertilizers

Water-Soluble Fertilizers: Water-soluble fertilizers are known for their quick solubility and susceptibility to moisture-induced clumping. Incorporating fumed silica can mitigate clumping during manufacturing, transportation, and storage, enhancing the post-dissolution suspension.

Powder/Granular Fertilizers: Fumed silica addresses clumping tendencies and enhances flow properties in granular fertilizers. This leads to improved production, transportation efficiency, and utilization of fertilizers.

Liquid/Suspension Fertilizers: Fumed silica prevents nutrient aggregation and stratification during transportation and storage of liquid fertilizers, reducing uneven fertilization effects.

Solid Non-Water-Soluble Fertilizers: Fumed silica improves the flow of powdered materials during processing and prevents clumping due to moisture absorption, compression, and environmental changes during storage and transportation.

Incorporating fumed silica into fertilizers of different forms optimizes their handling, transportation, and application. This not only improves production efficiency but also enhances the uniform distribution and effectiveness of nutrients for healthier and more productive crops.

Recommended products and dosages

ApplicationFunction and PurposeRecommended DosageRecommended HydrophilicRecommended Hydrophobic
Water-Soluble FertilizersFlow Enhancement / Anti-Clumping / Suspension Aid0.5%-2%HL-200, HL-380HB-151
Powder/Granular FertilizersFlow Enhancement / Anti-Clumping / Stability / Adsorption0.5%-2%HL-200, HL-380HB-151
Liquid/Suspension FertilizersStability / Adsorption / Suspension Aid0.5%-2%HL-200, HL-380HB-151
Solid Non-Water-Soluble FertilizersFlow Enhancement / Anti-Clumping / Stability / Adsorption0.5%-2%HL-200, HL-380HB-151

Enhance your fertilizers’ performance with our recommended fumed silica additives. Depending on the application, these additives provide advantages like improved flow, reduced clumping, stability enhancement, and effective suspension. Choose the appropriate model based on the recommended dosage and hydrophobicity to optimize your fertilizer formulations.


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