In cosmetic products, Fumed silica (AKA silica dimethyl silylate) is a very important additive. It can provide a variety of functions, predominantly focusing on thickening, imparting thixotropic behavior, preventing settling, and providing UV protection while enhancing storage stability. For example, silica dimethyl silylate forms a clear gel in oil. Thickens the oil phase in emulsions by forming oleogel and increases the viscosity and gloss of various oils. It can also improve the effect of lipstick and reduce pigment settling and oil bleeding in lipstick.

By elevating product viscosity and bolstering stability and thixotropy, silica dimethyl silylate ensures improved performance and user experience in various cosmetic formulations.

The inclusion of fumed silica aids in suspending pigments, preventing color fading, and maintaining stable color dispersion throughout the cosmetic product’s shelf life. Additionally, it enhances light reflection and UV-blocking capabilities, thereby heightening the effectiveness of sunscreens in safeguarding the skin from harmful UV rays.

Moreover, silica dimethyl silylate contributes significantly to the overall stability and homogeneity of cosmetic products, preventing undesired phase separation or sedimentation. It optimizes the flow properties of creamy formulations like lotions and emulsions, ensuring smooth application without clumping issues.

HIFULL® Fumed Silica(additive) in Cosmetics

Thickening and Thixotropy: Increasing the product’s viscosity and thickness, enhancing thixotropic behavior for smooth application, reducing greasiness or astringency, and improving the refreshing sensation.

UV Protection: Enhancing the ability to reflect and shield against ultraviolet rays, remaining stable and non-discoloring when exposed to sunlight.

Preventing Settling: Improving suspension stability, ensuring even distribution of pigments, enhancing heat resistance, and preventing color fading.

Anti-Clumping and Aid to Flow: Preventing clumping in powder-based products, improving free-flowing properties.

Stability: Enhancing the storage stability and uniform dispersion of cosmetics.

The Application Effects Of silica dimethyl silylate In Cosmetics

Cosmetic ApplicationFunction and Role
LipstickIncreases viscosity, enhances stability, ensures even pigment distribution, improves heat resistance, prevents color fading.
Nail PolishIncreases formula viscosity, stabilizes the formulation to prevent component settling, aids in even pigment distribution.
Makeup and Eye CareEfficient anti-clumping and free-flowing agent, enhances storage stability and powder dispersion in compact powders, foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and eyebrow products.
Transparent GelsIncreases product viscosity, adds pseudo-plasticity to the formula.
EmulsionsHydrophobic fumed silica increases viscosity in oil-in-water emulsions, enhances waterproof performance of creams and lotions, reduces surfactant usage.
SunscreenHydrophobic fumed silica improves storage stability, enhances formula water resistance, and helps even distribution of UV filters for increased sun protection.
Facial CleansersHydrophilic fumed silica increases product viscosity, improving the application feel.
Hair DyesPrevents premature reactions and clumping of powdered color components. Hydrophilic fumed silica acts as an efficient drying agent at high concentrations, while hydrophobic fumed silica acts as an effective flow regulator.
Hair ConditionersHydrophilic fumed silica, when combined with quaternary ammonium compounds, enhances hair combability and fullness.
AntiperspirantsHydrophobic fumed silica provides excellent water repellency, improves skin dryness, and exhibits thixotropic behavior for even application and skin feel.

Recommended Products And Dosages

Cosmetic ApplicationFunction and RoleRecommended DosageRecommended HydrophobicRecommended Types
LipstickThickening, Anti-settling, Stability0.25-4%HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
Nail PolishThickening, Anti-settling, Stability0.25-4%HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
Makeup and Eye CareAnti-clumping, Flow enhancement, Dispersion aid, Stability/HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
Transparent GelsThickening, Anti-flow hanging, Stability, Transparency/HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
EmulsionsThickening, Anti-flow hanging, Stability, Transparency/HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
SunscreenUV protection, Stability, Hydrophobicity2-4%HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
Facial CleansersThickening, Anti-flow hanging, Stability, Transparency/HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
Hair Dyes/Hair ConditionersRheology control, Anti-clumping, Flow enhancement1-2%HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152
AntiperspirantsThickening, Anti-settling, Stability, Suspension aid/HL-150, HL-200HB-151, HB-152


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