HIFULL® Silica Food Additive in Food

Fumed silica is a non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free nano inorganic material that can be used as a food additive in food production. In the production and transportation of powdered food, factors such as environmental humidity, air exposure, and compression can lead to clumping and moisture absorption of ingredients containing lactose and proteins.

Fumed silica can be uniformly dispersed on the surface of solid food particles, forming a barrier that prevents direct contact between food particles and reduces their interaction forces, thus maintaining their free flowability. At the same time, it acts as a desiccant by adsorbing moisture in the gaps between particles, effectively reducing the potential for moisture absorption by food powder and slowing down the process of moisture absorption. This helps prevent clumping from occurring.

Why add fumed silica to Food?

Anticaking: Fumed silica, with its high specific surface area, when uniformly dispersed on the surface of particles, can isolate the moisture within the particles and absorb ambient moisture, preventing the formation of lumps in food during storage. Learn More

Flow aid: Fumed silica can envelop individual powder particles, acting as a barrier that reduces the direct contact between food particles and weakens the interaction forces. This effect, combined with the isolation of moisture within the particles, promotes a “rolling ball” effect, improving flowability.

HIFULL® Fumed Silica Food Additive Applications and Benefits

ApplicationFunction and Benefits
Infant Formula/Milk PowderPreserves dryness and flowability, and prevents clumping during storage.
SeasoningsReduces moisture absorption and clumping, and enhances flowability for easy use.
CoffeePreserves dryness and flowability, prevents clumping during storage.
Protein PowderPrevents long-term agglomeration, and maintains loose and free-flowing state.

Fumed Silica Grade Recommendation for Food

HIFULL®FA-32 and FA-35 are high-quality fumed silica, specifically designed for use as a food additive. It is a non-toxic and harmless ingredient that complies with strict food safety regulations. This fumed silica offers a range of benefits when incorporated into food products, particularly in terms of improving flowability and dispersion.

PropertiesUnitStandard ValueTesting Method
Silica content (Based on ignited material)%≥99.8GB 25576-2020
Loss on drying %≤2.0GB 25576-2020
Loss on ignition %FA-35 ≤2.0
FA-32 ≤1.5
GB 25576-2020
Lead (Pb) mg/kg<5GB 25576-2020
Heavy Metal (based on Pb) mg/kg<30GB 25576-2020
Arsenic (As) mg/kg<3GB 25576-2020


Our main products are fumed silica SiO2, fumed titanium dioxide TiO2, and fumed alumina Al2O3. We get 20+ years of expertise and 20,000 tons of annual capacity. We supply total of 23 grades of hydrophilic & hydrophobic fumed silica. We get registration of REACH and pre-registration of K-REACH & KKDIK. We are the leading setting body of ISO18473-1:2015ISO18473-3:2018, and ISO 23157:2021. Learn More About Hifull

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