Fumed Silica For Body Wash | China

Project details

  • Application: Body Wash
  • Location: Guangdong Province, China
  • Problem: This factory is currently using carbomer and thickener as a thickening thixotropic agent for their body wash product to adjust the viscosity and product condition, but could not reach the good performance of their competitors. They have tested international brand hydrophilic fumed silica M-5, but failed to achieve desired results due to problems of their own equipment and manufacturing process.

Functions of fumed silica in bath shampoo

HIFULL® fumed silica is used in bath soap or body wash as thickener, thixotropic agent or anti-settling agent. The surface silica hydroxyl group (Si-OH) and other components form hydrogen bonds, resulting in an aggregate network with silica as nodes, which restricts the fluidity of the system, increases the viscosity and realizes the thickening effect.

Once shear force applied, hydrogen bonds and silica network breaks, system viscosity decreases; when shear force is removed, network is restored, viscosity increases, thus improving the product texture and preventing mineral sands in the product from settling. Fumed silica and customer’s carbomer thickener coworks to optimize performance of water retention and desired viscosity of body wash lotion.

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This customer’s product is in creamy paste condition, and the factory equips simple dispersing device, so our technical person suggest HIFULL® HL-260

HIFULL HL-260 is hydrophilic fumed silica with specific surface area around 260㎡/g. It has middle-sized specific surface and good dispersion, which can be used in body wash to solve the problem of low viscosity and sedimentation, offers excellent thixotropic property.

Client Feedback

Results from our R&D’s formula and this factory’s own test show HIFULL HL-260 and carbomer together can compare with its competitor, now they are buying and using it.

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