Fumed Silica For Positively Charged Toner | China

Project details

  • Application: Positively Charged Toner
  • Location: Guangdong Province, China
  • Problem: This toner manufacturer uses an international fumed silica brand, but the price is high. They’d like to find a good quality china-made fumed silica to replace and decrease cost.

Functions of fumed silica in Printer Toner

HIFULL® fumed silica is used as a flow aid and anti-caking agent in positively charged toner. Particles of HIFULL® fumed silica adhere to the surface of the toner, thus isolating and increasing the distance between toner particles, reducing the van der Waals force between them, to avoid toner from caking.

HIFULL® fumed silica destroys the adsorbed water film on the surface of the toner to form a single particle layer, which reduces the friction and adhesion of the toner particles, and thus effectively improves the fluidity, provides stabilized charged properties, and improves the transfer efficiency of the toner in printers.


Toner is a powder mixture used in laser printers and photocopiers. This client produces positively-charged toner, we recommend our hydrophobic fumed silica HIFULL HB-930 for better flow ability and charge stability.

HIFULL HB-930 is customized for positive charge toner and is modified silica by 2 kinds of silane. It has a small primary particle size, a large specific surface area, and good hydrophobicity.

Client Feedback

This toner factory replaced international brand fumed silica with HIFULL HB-930 to do a sample test. Results show HB-930 meets the expectation. They bought another 10 KG samples for further test, which will be formally put into mass production once passed.

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