Hydrophobic Fumed Silica For Silicone Adhesive | China Project

Project details

  • Application:  silicone adhesives 
  • Product Name: HB-1300
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Problem: When company B adds HIFULL fumed silica HB-132 into its formula, the maximum addition amount is 20%, as once exceeds 20%, it will be over-adhesion, while 20% is not enough to reach the desired reinforcement.


Our technical person suggest replacing HIFULL HB-132 with HIFULL hydrophobic fumed silica HB-1300.

HIFULL HB-1300 is treated silica on the base of HIFULL HB-132. HB-1300 has high bulk density, low thickening effect, and high reinforcement. It’s a customized product for a silicone adhesive system.

Case Analysis

HIFULL HB-1300 can be added by 50% to 60% in silicone adhesive, enabling its excellent strength with low thickening performance.

Client Feedback

HIFULL HB-1300 perfectly solved their problem. It exhibits low viscosity even with a large added amount.

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