Animal Feed

Fumed silica is an excellent nanomaterial known for its non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting properties, devoid of any toxic side effects. It finds versatile applications in animal feed and feed additives as a flow aid and anti-caking agent for various premixes and trace mineral ingredients.

Additionally, it serves as a carrier, maintaining good flowability even with significant adsorption capacities. It is primarily used in vitamins, flavor enhancers, mold inhibitors, acidifiers, trace elements, premixes, silicon-type choline chloride, and allicin.

HIFULL® Fumed Silica(additive) in Animal Feed

Flow Enhancement: Elevates the flowability of feed additives and premixes during production and processing, thereby optimizing production efficiency.

Anti-Caking: Mitigates aggregation and clumping tendencies during packaging and transportation, ensuring animal feed maintains a desirable flow state, enhancing both efficiency and product quality.

Suspension Aid and Stability: Effectively enhances the stability and longevity of suspension liquids, effectively serving as a suspension and stabilizing agent in feed processing.

Carrier Function: Offers an excellent carrier for feed additives and premixes, enhancing product stability and uniformity while reducing costs.

Preservation and Antimicrobial Properties: Guards against feed spoilage and mold development during storage, contributing to prolonged shelf life and enhanced product integrity.

Recommended products and dosage

ApplicationDescriptionFunction and PurposeRecommended Usage LevelRecommended Type
Vitamin PremixesAdsorbs vitamin nutrients, prevents clumping, and provides controlled release of nutrientsFlow Aid / Anti-Caking / Stability / Adsorption / Carrier0.3-0.5%HL-150, HL-200, HL-380
Mineral PremixesSignificantly reduces feed clumping tendency, improves flowability, enhances production and transportation efficiencyFlow Aid / Anti-Caking / Stability / Adsorption / Carrier0.3-0.5%HL-150, HL-200, HL-380
Mold InhibitorsFunctions as a flow aid and adsorbent, enhancing mold inhibition and extending feed shelf lifeStability / Adsorption / Antimicrobial/HL-150, HL-200, HL-380
Flavor EnhancersAdsorbs ambient moisture, prevents flavor clumping, improves flowability, and enhances even dispersion for better taste and qualityFlow Aid / Anti-Caking / Stability / Adsorption / Carrier0.3-0.5%HL-150, HL-200, HL-380

Please note that the recommended usage levels can vary based on specific formulations and desired outcomes. HL-150, HL-200, and HL-380 are the recommended types of fumed silica for these applications.


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