Hydrophilic Fumed Silica For Caulking Compound | China Project

Project details

  • Application: Two-component Polyurea Sealants/Tile Grout
  • Product Name: HB-139
  • Location: Shandong Province, China
  • Problem: to cut down costs while keep good quality

Company A is using an international brand of hydrophobic fumed silica with PDMS/polydimethylsiloxane-treated, and they would like to cut down the cost and keep the original product quality by finding an alternative hydrophobic fumed silica


Our technical person recommended our HIFULL HB-139 for company A. HIFULL HB-139 is a PDMS-treated hydrophobic fumed silica with high quality, it offers good thickening & thixotropic properties and anti-sagging performance. HIFULL HB-139 keeps stable chemistry in resin products like polyurea sealants or tile grout, it plays well in transparency or oil system products.

Product Used

HIFULL® HB-139 (BET=180㎡/g)

HIFULL® HB-139 is hydrophobic fumed silica which is produced by hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area of 200m2/g after chemical post-treatment with PDMS / Polydimethylsiloxane, also…


Case Analysis

Two-component polyurea sealants are composed of a base component A, i.e. polyuria resins, and curing agent as component B. HIFULL HB-139 has good and stable thickening & thixotropic performance in component A, but the thixotropy in component B fluctuates.

Further Reading

Functions of HB-139 for Polyurea Sealants/ Tile Grout 

The main purpose of using fumed silica in polyurea sealant is to improve its thickening & thixotropic performance, help to maintain good sag-resistance and crack-resistance, improve working efficiency while using polyurea sealants.

Client Feedback

After the scientific check, it is found that all the batches of HIFULL HB-139 tested by company A are qualified products. The fluctuation of thixotropy in component B, i.e. curing agent, is unrelated to the product’s nature. Further application tests and research must be carried out, paying attention to data on viscosity restoration value and thixotropy. We will contact Company A to provide technical service and solve the problem.

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