Printing Ink

Printing Ink

Fumed Silica in Printing Inks

Fumed silica plays a broad role in the field of printing inks. Given that printing is a high-speed process, the rheological properties of the ink must be capable of withstanding various physical forces to achieve impeccable printing results. The ink should not splatter, needs to dry quickly, and must leave clear images on paper, polymer materials, or metal surfaces.

HIFULL’s Fumed Silica can impart superior properties to printing inks

  • It enhances the brightness and color density;
  • It reduces color intensity, minimizing peeling by using less viscosity modifier;
  • During storage, it improves the stability of pigment and filler dispersion;
  • In the printing process, it controls rheological properties, leading to sharper printing and contours, preventing or reducing streaks;
  • It controls the ink’s moisture content, reducing settling and promoting better stacking;
  • It prevents sticking, avoids flying or blurring, reduces strike-through, and controls gloss levels;
  • It increases the water resistance of water-based flexo inks, reducing unnecessary sliding during the printing process.

Advantages of HIFULL Fumed Silica in the Printing Ink Industry

  1. Flexographic Printing: Flexographic printing essentially involves photosensitive resin and highly fluid ink. HIFULL’s Fumed Silica, as a raw material and an additive, enhances the performance, stability, and operability of systems and formulations used in the production and processing stages of flexographic printing.
  2. Inkjet Printing: The hydrophilic and hydrophobic product series from HIFULL can improve the printing process and print results. It helps control the flow of printer ink and manage ink fluidity for clearer printing outcomes.
  3. Screen Printing: Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic variants of HIFULL’s Fumed Silica are ideal choices for rheology control, minimizing issues of uneven printing and splattering.
  4. Offset Printing: Hydrophobic HIFULL’s Fumed Silica can lower the ink’s water absorption, eliminate foam, and improve the ink’s depth without affecting its surface gloss.
  5. Gravure Printing: HIFULL’s Fumed Silica can adjust viscosity and prevent pigment settling. In industrial ink, Fumed Silica can control the product’s fluidity.

This table outlines the diverse applications and benefits of using HIFULL’s hydrophilic and hydrophobic types of Fumed Silica in different printing methods, along with the recommended addition levels.

Application AreaFunction and RoleRecommended AdditionRecommended Hydrophilic TypeRecommended Hydrophobic Type
Flexographic PrintingThicken and rheology control; Anti-settling/Suspension Aid0.5-1.3%HL-200HB-151, HB-615, HB-620
Inkjet PrintingThicken and rheology control; Anti-settling/Suspension Aid0.5-1.3%HL-200HB-151, HB-615, HB-620
Screen PrintingThicken and rheology control; Anti-settling/Suspension Aid0.5-1.3%HL-200HB-151, HB-615, HB-620
Offset PrintingThicken and rheology control; Anti-settling/Suspension Aid; Flow Aid; Color Enhancement; Clarity Improvement0.5-1.3%HL-200HB-151, HB-615, HB-620
Gravure PrintingThickening; Anti-settling/Suspension Aid0.5-1.3%HL-200HB-151, HB-615, HB-620
Laser PrintingDispersion Aid; Flow Control0.5-1.3%HL-200HB-151, HB-615, HB-620


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