Fumed Silica Application In Pesticide

Fumed silica is an excellent nano-material that holds significant importance in various applications. It is non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free, with no adverse effects. Its extensive use spans both liquid and solid formulations of agricultural chemicals.

In liquid pesticide formulations, it serves as a rheology modifier and anti-sedimentation agent, preventing the aggregation of active ingredients. This ensures effective dispersion and long-term stability of the product.

In solid pesticide formulations, it acts as a flow aid, grinding aid, and anti-caking agent, imparting excellent flowability to powder formulations and preventing clumping during storage.

HIFULL® Fumed Silica(additive) in Pesticide

HIFULL® fumed silica imparts excellent performance to Pesticides, offering the following key functionalities:

  • Rheology Management: Fumed silica plays a pivotal role in adjusting the viscosity and thixotropic behavior of liquid formulations. By yielding suspensions with elevated viscosity, it facilitates convenient and controlled application processes.
  • Preventing Settling: Its influence extends to enhancing the stability of liquid suspensions and emulsions. This proactive characteristic prevents the clustering of active components, thereby ensuring not only efficient dispersion but also sustained stability over extended periods.
  • Enhanced Flow: In the arena of powdered formulations, fumed silica showcases its expertise by ameliorating powder flowability. This enhancement significantly boosts production and transportation efficiencies of powdered agricultural products.
  • Combatting Agglomeration: Fumed silica’s impact goes beyond flowability; it actively curbs moisture absorption during the stages of powder production, transit, and storage. This anti-caking attribute effectively thwarts the development of undesirable clumps.
  • Sustained Release Potential: The interaction of active compounds with fumed silica’s surface introduces a novel dimension – controlled release. This mechanism allows for the gradual release of the active ingredients, regulating their dispersion rates and thereby extending the efficacy and duration of agricultural treatments.

The Application Effects Of Fumed Silica In Pesticide

Water-Dispersible Powders/Wettable Powders: By augmenting flowability, fumed silica curbs the formation of clumps during storage. This property is particularly beneficial in water-dispersible powders, preventing the development of agglomerates that can hinder effective application.

Active Ingredient Carrier: Its unique affinity for active compounds allows fumed silica to act as a carrier, regulating the release rate of these compounds. This contributes to controlled and sustained delivery of the active ingredients, optimizing their impact.

Aqueous Suspensions: Fumed silica’s versatility extends to aqueous formulations. It aids in viscosity modulation, preventing the settling and coagulation of active materials in high-liquid suspensions and emulsions. This stability enhancement ensures consistent product efficacy over time.

Oil Suspensions: Fumed silica’s influence isn’t limited to aqueous mediums. In oil-based suspensions, it wraps around active agents, impeding their aggregation. This encapsulation results in stable emulsions that prevent equipment clogging during application, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of pesticide delivery.

Recommended Products And Dosages

Application AreaFunction and PurposeRecommended Addition RateRecommended Grade
Water-Dispersible Powders/Wettable PowdersFlow Enhancement/Anti-Caking0.3%HL-200, HL-380
Active Ingredient CarrierStability/Adsorption/Carrier0.3%HL-200, HL-380
Aqueous SuspensionsThickening/Anti-Settling/Stability0.5%-2%HL-200, HL-380
Oil SuspensionsThickening/Anti-Settling/Stability0.5%-2%HB-151, HB-620, HB-630

Please note that the recommended addition rates are approximate and may vary based on specific formulations and desired outcomes. The mentioned grades refer to different types of fumed silica products suitable for these applications.


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