Fumed Silica For Epoxy Resin Curing Agent | China

Project details

  • Application:  Curing agent for epoxy resin (powder form)
  • Product Name: HL-380
  • Location: Ningxia, China
  • Problem: Company E is using an international brand of hydrophilic fumed silica M5 as a flowing aid or anti-caking aid for the curing agent powder, they would like to find a china-made product to replace it. They tried several times with other brands but failed. Now they will try HIFULL HL-380 to see whether can meet expectations.


Company E’s product will go through jet mile process, which has high dispersion, so we recommend fumed silica with large specific surface area to cover the curing agent. HIFULL HL-380 is a good choice.

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Product Used

HIFULL® HL-380 (BET=400㎡/g)

HL-380 is hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area of around 400m2/g. Mainly Applied in Coatings & Paintings, Silicone rubber, UPR, Adhesives & Sealants, Printing ink. Properties Characteristics Properties…


Client Feedback

Company E tested HIFULL fumed silica HL-380, results show that it can replace the international one when used in powder of curing agent. They bought for mass production already.

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