Fumed Silica For HTV Rubber | China

Project details

  • Application:  HTV Rubber(High-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber)
  • Product Name: HL-200
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Problem: Some batches of HL-200 lead to black dots in HTV rubber

Functions of HIFULL fumed silica in RTV Rubber

The silicone polymer network of HTV rubber is mechanically weak, It needs to be reinforced to be put into actual use. And HIFULL HL-200, hydrophilic fumed silica, enables the rubber great hardness, tensile strength, tear resistance and wear resistance.


Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd manufactures 6 grades of hydrophilic fumed silica with different specific surface areas. Low-specific surface area products, such as HIFULL HL-150, may not provide enough reinforced performance for HTV rubber. In contrast, large specific surface area products, such as HIFULL HL-300 or HL-380, won’t ensure the desired tensile strength or resilience.

So we recommend HIFULL HL-200, a medium-sized product, good enough for mechanical strength improvement and thickening and thixotropic properties.

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Product Used

HIFULL® HL-200 (BET=200㎡/g)

HL-200 is hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area of about 200㎡ /g, countertype to an international brand, and a free sample available for testing. Good quality, competitive price,…


Client Feedback

Hubei Huifu strictly did sampling inspection of total 6 batches of fumed silica products that before or after the black dots one, tested in large volume and increase frequency. All these measure improve the outgoing quality control. Company F is satisfied with the quality of HIFULL HL-200 after the problem batch, and no black dots any more.

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