Fumed Silica Used as Anti-caking Agent

Why use anti-caking agents in powders?

Powdered ingredients are increasingly being used in many industries. It is crucial that these powders have good flowability so that they can be easily discharged from storage and accurately dosed.

This can be troublesome, as many powders are highly cohesive and so do not flow well on their own. Many powders tend to cake upon prolonged storage or while being transported due to climatic conditions and pressure.

Anticaking agents stop powder materials and granulated ingredients from clumping. Added in very small amounts, these compounds prevent dry powders from sticking together, ensuring a product remains dry and free-flowing.

 HIFULL fumed silica can efficiently solve the caking issues of powder products.

How does HIFULL Fumed Silica function as Anti-caking Agent

  • Anti-caking: adsorb moisture among particles, improve free flow effect of powders
  • Flow ability: reduce the interaction force between particles by covering up the surface of particles
  • Adsorption: absorb oil and moisture from the surface of powders, reduce the adhesion among powders
  • Dispersion: fumed silica can stick to the surface of powders due to its small particle size and high specific surface area to ensure better dispersion and free flow ability

Applications of Fumed silica as Anti-caking Agent

Fumed silica is used as an anti-caking agent in the below applications:

  • Powder coatings: stick to the surface of powders, avoid direct contact between particles, playing the role of moisture-proof.
  • Pharmaceutical: key excipient in pharmaceuticals and nutritional additives, improve the free flow of powder and particles, help for capsule-filling.
  • Fertilizer: stick to the surface of particles to avoid direct contact, so as to prove moisture.
  • Metal powder flow additives: wrap the surface of the powder, reduce friction between particles, strong moisture absorption
  • Catalyst: prevent powder catalyst caking, and improve flow ability.
  • Food powders: strong moisture absorption ability, fumed silica works as a desiccant to adsorb moisture between particles to prevent caking issues.

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