Fumed Silica Used as Anti-caking Agent

Anticaking agents stop powder materials and granulated ingredients from clumping. Added in very small amounts, these compounds prevent dry powders from sticking together, ensuring a product remains dry and free-flowing.

 HIFULL fumed silica can efficiently solve the caking issues of powder products.

How does HIFULL Fumed Silica function as Anti-caking Agent

  • Large Specific Surface Area: Fumed silica functions by coating particles of powders to avoid the formation of lumps  
  • Good Absorption Property: Fumed silica helps by absorbing excess moisture or oil to reduce stickiness
  • Nano Particle Size: With nanoparticle size and large specific surface area, Fumed Silica form layers on the surface of powdered materials for easing packaging, transport, and flowability.

Applications & Uses

Fumed silica is used as an anti-caking agent in the below applications:

  • In Food powders, such as milk powder, coffee powder, sugar powder, seasoning powder.
  • In agriculture products, such as pesticide, animal feed fertilizer.
  • In construction materials, such as powder coatings, paints, inks and cement or concrete.
  • In pharmaceuticals, such as tablets, capsules, oral liquid and injection drugs.

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