Lubricating Grease

Thixotropic and Thickening Agent for Lubricating Grease

Grease or lubricants is used in many industries, it helps to reduce the abrasion of equipment, and to protect from rust and corrosion and acts as a seal against dirt, water.

And fumed silica is an effective thixotropic agent that can be used to thicken a range of base oils and precisely specify the desired viscosity.

Principle of fumed silica as Thixotropic and Thickening Agent

Using Fumed Silica To Make High-Quality Lubricants

  • Silicon hydroxyl (Si-OH) of fumed silica forms a physical or chemical combination with macromolecules and a three-dimensional network structure in which particles and molecules are integrated thus enabling viscosity increase.
  •  Keep lubricants or grease in low oil bleed 
  • Stick to the surface of the metal and won’t drop
  • Optimum rheology control

The Advantages of HIFULL Fumed Silica Enables

  • Good Thickening & Thixotropic Performance: help bear high pressure, provide a high level of shearing stability, thicken a range of base oils and improve grease performance, such as low oil bleed;
  • Efficient lubricating performance in high temperature: Fumed silica is an inorganic nano thickener, that won’t melt, lubricant or grease is used fumed silica has a high dropping point;
  • Good Adsorption: fumed silica has many hydroxyl groups and unsaturated residual bonds, which is easy for chemical adsorption on the metal surface to form a firm adsorb network, help control the rheology and stabilize lubricate solid particles;
  • Good Adsorption: fumed silica has many hydroxyl groups and unsaturated residual bonds, which is easy for chemical adsorption on metal surfaces to form a firm adsorb network, help control the rheology and stabilize lubricating solid particles;

Application of fumed Silica as Thixotropic and Thickening Agent

Food Grade Grease: Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. Help to withstand frequent washing and cleaning in food processing, and exhibits good protection performance under friction or high-pressure conditions.

Industrial Specialty Grease: Reduce the friction of metal surfaces, reduce processing wear of components, provide reliable lubricity at high speeds, and are not easy to be thrown away and will not drip.

Damping Grease: Improve stability and cushioning, good weather resistance, excellent water resistance and rust resistance, and extend shelf life of the equipment.

Muffler Grease: Help to high dropping point, low friction, high load carrying capacity, and keep good lubricating performance even in high temperature.

HIFULL Product Advisor for Lubricants/Grease

Hydrophilic Fumed Silica: HIFULL HL-200 / HIFULL HL-380

HIFULL HL-200 and HIFULL HL-380 are hydrophilic fumed silica products that offer excellent thickening efficiency in non-polar systems. They are widely used in the manufacturing of non-melting greases, making them an ideal choice for applications that require high-temperature stability.

Hydrophobic Fumed Silica:

HIFULL HB-151 Dichlorodimethylsilane — DDS Treated
HIFULL HB-630 Hexamethyldisilazane — HMDS Treated

Hydrophobic fumed silica provides thickening efficiency even in oils of higher polarity. It provides excellent resistance to moisture and good stability in grease systems.


Our main products are fumed silica SiO2, fumed titanium dioxide TiO2, and fumed alumina Al2O3. We get 20+ years of expertise and 20,000 tons of annual capacity. We supply total of 23 grades of hydrophilic & hydrophobic fumed silica. We get registration of REACH and pre-registration of K-REACH & KKDIK. We are the leading setting body of ISO18473-1:2015ISO18473-3:2018, and ISO 23157:2021. Learn More About Hifull

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