Paints & Coatings

Fumed silica is added into painting and coatings for rheological control. It can effectively prevent sedimentation and delamination of pigments, improve the weather ability and scratch-resistance of coatings, and improve the bonding strength between coatings and substrates.

1. In-wall coatings, fumed silica helps to prevent the paint from flowing down and to improve the smoothness of the wall surface. What’s more, it can greatly improve the scratch resistance and aging time of the exterior wall coating, and also the bonding strength between the coating film and the wall, the hardness of the coating film and the surface self-cleaning ability

2. When fumed silica is adsorbed by powder coatings, a movable layer is formed on its surface. It improves flowing property by preventing powder coatings from absorbing moisture and agglomerating.

3. The main function of fumed silica in floor paint is to improve its ability of weather resistance, scratch resistance and leveling performance.


Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd., is a joint-stock company established by the reform of Yichang Huifu Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. We are specialized in manufacturing nanomaterials. We are National High-tech Enterprise, vice president unit of China Association of Fluorine and Silicon Industry (CAFSI), and National Innovative Incubation Base of Fumed Silica. 

Our main products are fumed silica SiO2, fumed titanium dioxide TiO2, and fumed alumina Al2O3. We get 20+ years of expertise and 12,000 tons of annual capacity. We supply total of 23 grades of hydrophilic & hydrophobic fumed silica. We get registration of REACH and pre-registration of K-REACH & KKDIK. 

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