Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd’s Participation in “The Largest Gathering for the Coatings Community in Egypt”

We are delighted to announce that Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd will be participating in “The Largest Gathering for the Coatings Community(MECS) in Egypt,” which will be held from June 19th to June 21st, 2023, at the Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC) in Cairo.

As a leading provider of innovative coating solutions, Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd recognizes the significance of this prominent event in bringing together industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from the coatings community. It provides an exceptional platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and showcasing the latest advancements in the coatings industry.

About Middle East Coatings Show Egypt

Middle East Coatings Show(MECS) Egypt is the premier event in Cairo, connecting Egypt’s coatings industry. With 13 successful editions, it offers business and networking opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, buyers, and technical specialists. The event facilitates face-to-face meetings, business transactions, and provides valuable insights into the latest processes. It’s a platform to exchange ideas, build a strong network, and stay updated in the industry.

During the Middle East Coatings Show 2023 EGYPT(19th June – 21st June), visitors are cordially invited to visit our booth, 1L81, located in Hall 1 of the Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC).

Our dedicated team of experts will be available to engage with attendees, discuss our comprehensive range of cutting-edge coating products, and provide insights into the latest technological innovations. We look forward to engaging with industry professionals, exploring potential partnerships, and gaining valuable insights into market trends and customer needs.


Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd. is a chemical manufacturer of nanomaterials in China, Our main products are fumed silica, fumed titanium dioxide, and fumed alumina Al2O3. We get 20+ years of expertise and 20,000 tons(and another 20,000 tons is in construction). we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and sustainable coating solutions that meet the diverse needs of various sectors. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and industrial coatings. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that enhance performance, durability, and environmental responsibility.、

Types of Paints/ CoatingFunctions of Fumed Silica
Protective CoatingsImprove adhesion and corrosion resistance 
Inorganic CoatingImprove fire resistance, increase scrub resistance and coating film strength
Flame retardant PaintImprove strength, abrasion resistance, flame retardancy and weather resistance of the topcoat paint, increase service life
Anti-radiation CoatingEnhance the electromagnetic wave absorption function of the coating
Superhydrophobic finishing PaintEffectively improve the super hydrophobic ability and hardness of the coating film
Ceramic CoatingsImprove abrasion resistance, adhesion and hydrophobicity
Epoxy phenolic anticorrosive PaintsImprove mechanical properties & heat conduction, and extend the service life
Thermal barrier CoatingGood heat preservation and pore-forming effect
Quick-drying wall PaintImprove drying speed, anti-sagging, coating film hardness, scratch resistance and good weather resistance
Powder CoatingsAvoid caking issues, improve flowing ability & storage stability
Multi-color PaintImprove the hydrophobicity, scrub resistance and weather resistance
manufacturing and storage process
  • Dispersion of pigment and filler
  • Stability of pigment and filler
  • Avoid sedimentation
  • Flow aid for powder coatings
  • Anti-caking for powder coatings
process of applying coatings
  • Excellent thixotropic properties
  • Anti-sagging
  • Function of orientation for metal powder
  • Improve powder coating coverage
drying process of coatings
  • Improve hydrophobic properties
  • Improve anti-aging and anti-corrosive properties
  • Enhance density and adhesion of paint or coatings
  • Improve abrasion resistance and scratch resistance
  • Keep color intensity
  • Matting properties

Tips: The red boxed area indicates the addition of HIFULL Fumed Silica

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Fumed Silica Grade Recommendation for Paint & Coatings

HIFULL Certificate

Certificates & Awards

  • REACH, ISO, SGS, DMF Registered
  • 2 International Patents, 54 China National Patents
  • 3 ISO Standards, 2 GB / China National  Standards, 3 Group Standards
  • China National Little Giants Enterprise
  • China National High-tech Enterprise
  • China National Green Factory/ Environment Friendly Factory
    CNAS Analyst & Test Center
  • Provincial Technology Center with millions USD investment
  • 2 Patents won  China Excellence Patent Award
    Won First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress  from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
  • ISO/TC256 Promotion Officer for China – Dr.YuelinWang

56 core patent technologies

PCT Patent

  • DEACIDIFICATION PROCESS AND APPARATUS THEREOF: US Patent No. US 9273905 B2 & Europe Patent No. 2796194
  • Gas Nozzle, Gas Reaction Equipment and Gas Hydrolysis Reaction Method: Patent No. PCT/CN2019/114853
  • Surface Modification Combined Treatment Device and Method for Fumed Silica: Patent No. PCT/CN2020/081454

 Invention & Utility Model Patent

  • Preparation Method of a Hybrid Powder Material: Patent No. ZL 201810095922.3
  • A Gas Spraying Nozzle, Gas Reaction Equipment and Gas Hydrolysis Reaction Method: Patent No. ZL 201910466940.2
  • A Surface Modification Combined Treatment Device: Patent No. ZL 202020414513.8
  • A Surface Modification Device: Patent No. ZL 201922277564.0
  • A Chlorosilane Purification Device: Patent No. ZL 201921540381.7

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