Silicone Rubber

HIFULL fumed silica in silicone rubber improves mechanical strength. Silicone rubber is aging-resistant, high and low temperature resistant and electricity-insulated. 

However, the molecular chain of silicon rubber is soft, the interaction force is weak, so silicon rubber needs to be reinforced before actual usage.

Fumed silica is an ideal reinforcing agent for silicone rubber. The strengthening is fundamentally brought about by silanol groups being interacted with or Si-methyl bonds being radically cleaved into the polymer. The surface silanol groups (Si-OH) of fumed silica react with silicone rubber macromolecule,then generates a silicon rubber molecular adsorption layer on the surface of silica, then a three-dimensional network structure is formed. This structure effectively limits the deformation of the silicone rubber molecular chain, thereby achieving the reinforcing effect.


Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd., is a joint-stock company established by the reform of Yichang Huifu Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. We are specialized in manufacturing nanomaterials. We are National High-tech Enterprise, vice president unit of China Association of Fluorine and Silicon Industry (CAFSI), and National Innovative Incubation Base of Fumed Silica. 

Our main products are fumed silica SiO2, fumed titanium dioxide TiO2, and fumed alumina Al2O3. We get 20+ years of expertise and 12,000 tons of annual capacity. We supply total of 23 grades of hydrophilic & hydrophobic fumed silica. We get registration of REACH and pre-registration of K-REACH & KKDIK. We are the leading setting body of ISO18473-1:2015ISO18473-3:2018, and ISO 23157:2021.

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